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Hi SMEs! We have SUPER good news for those of you who are interested in KOL Marketing! We have recently partnered with MDEC to enable Micro & SMEs to market products via influencer marketing. Want to work with influencers? Even better! You can get them to sell for you! Sign up with us today to enjoy what we are offering to help support your business!

To CHOP this initiative, we are offering all Micro & SMEs a RM2,800 worth of KOL marketing campaign package at only RM600 now!

Enjoy up to RM2,800 worth of campaign benefits when you sign up before 15 September 2020!

FREE e-Commerce listing worth RM400

FREE Live Stream scripting worth RM250

FREE Shipping for orders up to RM100

FREE KOLs campaign cost such as shipping fee & etc.

Live stream studio rental up to 60% discount!

How it Works

Step 1

Sign Invoice

Brands to sign the invoice promptly for platform product listing

Step 2

Send List of Products

Select the top 5 Best Selling & send us the information for listing.

Step 3

Send Products to Us

Brands to send us 5 product samples (minimum) within 1 - 3 days.

Step 4

KOLs Engagement

Exclusive KOLs list to be shared woth the brands. KOL deliverables differ depending on package.

Step 5


Sales report will be available for on the platform. Reporting will differ depending on package.

Interested with the campaign package to kick start your KOL Marketing campaign? Fill up the form below & submit your details to us! Happy influencing!