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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a brand

  • What is CPC?
  • ConfirmPlusChop is SushiVid’s Pilot programme. It is a Cost-per-Sale model where you can get influencers to sell your products and you pay only when there is a sale.

    Click HERE to find out What Exactly Is Cost-Per-Sale Influencer Marketing.

    Click HERE to read our article on the Introduction to CPS Influencer Marketing.

  • Why Work With CPC?
  • We have a database of 12,000 influencers that you could work with. Our CPC platform has a fully automated system - from listing to shipping! We are a complete solution.

  • What are the charges?
  • It is free to list your products on CPC Platform. Just provide your product samples for influencers to promote. You will receive a listing on their e-commerce website and a few Social media postings from them.

  • Free? Then what is in it for CPC?
  • We work on commission. Influencers and the CPC team will work with you for an acceptable commission amount.

  • Will there be an agreement on the CPC Platform collaboration?
  • Yes, there will be a mutual understanding agreement between the brand and SushiVid before we list the brand’s product(s) on CPC’s Platform.

  • If the client needs a more primary focus for KOL in Sabah and Sarawak, can CPC’s Platform specify that?
  • Yes, we can put that as a remark on the product page.

    As we are fairly new with ConfirmPlusChop, we only have a limited number of KOLs from Sabah and Sarawak. What we can do is we can ask our Sabah and Sarawak influencers if they are keen on doing this commission-based model.

  • How many products can a brand list on CPC’s Platform?
  • There are no maximums. We would suggest listing max 5 items for a start and another 5 for the following week instead of listing all at one go. It's best to list your flagship/best seller products cause the flagship/bestseller items are what people would probably want most.

  • After the sales and campaigns are completed, when will you proceed to the payment, will you do a bank transfer?
  • If a buyer makes a purchase, we will collect the payment. When we send the sales order to the brand, we’ll pay 50% upfront via bank transfer. The remaining 50% will be paid within 14 working days after the delivery is completed.

  • Does the brand need to send SushiVid samples for testing first?
  • Yes, please send 5 product samples for SushiVid team to test if:-

    • Your product is not KMM Certified. Otherwise not required but preferred.
    • Your product is not a widely available product.
    • You don’t have online images and you need our SushiVid team to take product images for you.

  • Are you able to pay in other currencies?
  • We will list your products in MYR only. If you prefer another currency, we can transfer the amount in your preferred currency but as per our bank's exchange rates.

  • Will the brands have to arrange for shipping to the KOLs?
  • Yes. SushiVid is not handling the shipping. Brands have to arrange the shipping to both KOLs and Buyers. We have integrated Easy Parcel to our platform, so for all product shipping will have to go thru our platform with Easy Parcel so it's easier for both parties to track.

  • What happens if the KOL took my product and went MIA?
  • Each KOL can only request one product sample at a time. If KOL happens to not doing any content after they have received the product, they are unable to request another sample anymore. They’ll be blacklisted.

  • What is the type of product categories that can be listed on CPC Platform?
  • Any tangible, non-returnable, and not fast perishable goods can be listed for a start.

  • I would like to check if the CPC platform caters to fashion products?
  • No. At the moment we do not cater to fashion products because the return rate is too high. If it is fashion accessories or the fashion product is in free size, we can work on that.

  • What is the suggested duration of each campaign?
  • 1 Month by default.
    We want people to buy it on the spot with the discounted price within a short duration. If the campaign is dragged too long, it doesn’t create a sense of urgency for people to purchase immediately.

    Please give at least 2 weeks for KOL to test the product and do posting (to build story + familiarise the product with the audience).

  • Is the brand allow to tell the KOL what kind of posting they want?
  • Brands are not allowed to restrict KOL postings and postings will be up to the KOL as long as the Do’s and Dont's are followed.

  • Can we customize the package?
  • Yes. There are customized packages we could look at. We can also customize labels on our product image itself. For example, we could improvise to put Astro Go Logo on the product image itself. So we would know this particular product is by “Astro go-shop”.

  • Is there a paid version of this?
  • We also do Live Streaming on ConfirmPlusChop (CPC) E-commerce Seller account on Shopee and Lazada. KOL will promote the products during the Livestream session and CTA audience to buy on the spot.

    We are working on a CPC+ and Livestream package now, with RM 3,800 excluding SST, the brand will get:-

    • 10 Live Stream Sessions (1 hr/session) on CPC Shopee and Lazada seller account only
    • 20 Instagram Postings (10 IG Photo Post, 10 IG Stories on Influencers profile)
    • 4-6 Influencers (~7,000 followers)

  • How long is my listing?
  • In the beginning, the brand will have to tell us the product details and quantity. After the KOL has requested for a sample, your product will be featured on the KOL CPC Page. It will appear here until product quantity becomes 0 and for a max period of 30 days.

    Example of an Influencer CPC Page:

  • Where will my listing appear?
  • Your listing will appear on a page where all influencers could look at and request for product sample.

    Also, KOLs will have their own CPC Page, a page with all the favourite products that they endorsed.

    Example of an Influencer CPC Page:

  • What if the KOL didn’t manage to sell a single product?
  • We do not over-promise or guarantee sales on CPC’s platform. What CPC can assure the brands are, when KOLs create content with the sample products, brands will be getting a good amount of marketing exposure. When it tops with sales, that’s a bonus in the marketing campaigns.

  • What are the steps to list my products on CPC?
  • Step 1: Sign up as a brand on ConfirmPlusChop

    Step 2: Fill up your company details (including SSM)

    Step 3: CPC team to activate your brand account

    Step 4: Upload product(s) to CPC platform via your account

    Step 5: Wait for KOLs to request samples

I'm a Influencer

  • How many product samples can I request?
  • You can request up to 3 product samples. However, you’ll need to update content before requesting a new product sample again. If you happen to not doing any content after receiving the product, you will be blacklisted and not be able to request another sample anymore.

  • When is the posting need to be live once I have received the product sample?
  • Once you’ve received the samples, you are required to test the product and do the posting within 2 weeks.

  • What is the minimum number of followers to have to be eligible for product sample request?
  • 3000 Followers on IG/Twitter/FB.

  • How much commission can I earn from selling products to my followers via the CPC platform?
  • ConfirmPlusChop is a very different model because it is a Cost-per-Sale model. As an influencer, you will get paid depending on the margin and number of products that you've managed to sell.

    For example, if the product price is RM100 and the margin for the influencer is 10%. Hence, for each product that you sold, you’ll get RM10.

  • Can I put my own products on the CPC platform, or I must only carry products from CPC brands?
  • You can become a seller yourself too. If you wish to list your products, kindly contact our SushiVid representative.

  • How many posting and what if you don’t sell anything?
  • The golden question, what if you don’t sell anything? Don’t worry, our clients understand - at least the client got marketing for free? But if you got a high-value product, janganlah only promote 1 IG story and expect the client to be happy kan?

    We generally suggest to promote up to the product value worth of influencer marketing. BUT the best way to sell is to stay authentic. IF you really love the product, when you share it with your audience, it should sell like hotcakes!

  • What is the duration of each live stream session?
  • By default, one session of live stream is 1 hour.

  • How does CPC keep track of how many products I sold?
  • We’ll create a specific tracking link for each of the influencers to see how many products you have sold.

    Example of an Influencer CPC Page:

    You will have your own CPC page. A page with all your favourite products that you have endorsed.

  • How do I ensure my sales performance?
  • Consistency is the key! It’s always a great learning process and over time you’ll find the best selling technique that works for you!

    Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to hard sell. You can check out a detailed explanation of how a regular person like our CEO with 1,500 followers can sell 9 products with 5 photos on IG HERE .

  • What should I do after I’ve posted the content for the brand?
  • Let us know when you have created content for the client, this way we can track the clicks and likes. Remember what we cannot track, we cannot improve.

  • What if I try the products but I don’t like it, what do I do next? What kind of product is that?
  • Once you have requested for a product sample, it will automatically appear on your personal CPC page.

    It depends on what kind of product it is. We strongly suggest influencers to vet thru the product description before requesting for a product sample. If you have requested a sample and really find the product not suitable for you, another alternative is that you can find someone else to use it.

    If the product is not suitable for you, it doesn’t mean that it is not suitable for someone else. Let’s try this approach:-

    “I have tried this product but this is not suitable for my skin type, my skin is more oily but I know this product has amazing anti-ageing properties. I have passed to my mom for her to try it and it works perfectly for her! Over the week, I can see that her skin is getting smoother and the fine lines are getting less obvious! Unbelievable!”

  • How long is the duration for us to test the products?
  • Let’s give it a few days and up to a week, you should be able to see some amazing results!

  • I’m interested, how do I start?
  • After signing up as a CPC influencer, you’ll need to set up your own e-commerce page. Click HERE to find out how!